When and who founded BJP

When and who founded BJP

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When and who founded BJP

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was established on 6 April 1980. The story of this saffron party reaching 303 seats from 2 seats is also very interesting. From the name of the party to the lotus mark, the party’s veteran leader LK Advani has told in his autobiography.

This is how the name Bharatiya Janata Party got

Advani, the former Deputy Prime Minister of the country, in his autobiography ‘Mera Desh, Mera Jeevan’ has given information about the party’s flag to name. He has written that from the very beginning the emphasis of the party was not to return to the Jana Sangh but to make a new beginning. Senior party members discussed the name of the new party in depth. Some people wanted to name it as Bharatiya Jana Sangh. But later Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s given name ‘Bharatiya Janata Party’ got huge support. With this we emerged as a new party with a new identity.

The flag also has an interesting story

Advani wrote in his autobiography that when the party was new, a new symbol and flag were also adopted. Jana Sangh’s ‘Diya’ was replaced by ‘Lotus’. The new flag was somewhat similar to that of the Janata Party. One-third of it was green and two-thirds saffron, in which the flower was made. Later the lotus also became the election symbol of BJP. He has written that after separating from the Janata Party, we had made our identity, so it was necessary that we go to the voters with a different symbol from the Haldhar Kisan of the Janata Party.


Found lotus mark like this

Advani has also told the story of getting the lotus mark in his autobiography. He wrote that we did not have enough time to register the party with the Election Commission, nor could we contest the election on our party symbol as it was not allotted to us yet. The party asked me to preside over the delegation going to discuss the issue from the then Chief Election Commissioner SL Shakdher. He wrote further. Shakadher told me, ‘It is difficult for me to include a new party at this point of time, because the election process has started and your party is not even registered yet. However you can choose any symbol among those that are available to independent candidates, I will allow all your candidates to adopt the same symbol. So that they can have a common organizational identity. Advani further wrote, ‘We looked at the available symbols. We were glad to see that Kamal was also one of them. I asked the Election Commissioner whether he