Now cricketers will also be able to win Olympic medals

Now cricketers will also be able to win Olympic medals

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Now cricketers will also be able to win Olympic medals! ICC made strong preparations


During the Tokyo Olympics, Indian sports fans showered love on their players. Many people demand the inclusion of cricket in this great event of the game, for them the ICC has given great news. It is expected that in the coming years, the Gentleman’s Game will be included in the Olympics.

ICC interested in Olympics

The ICC has said on Tuesday that it wants to include cricket in the Olympic Games. The ICC has convened a working group that will submit bids for the sport for the Los Angeles Olympics 2028 and Brisbane Olympics 2032 and on.

ICC Chairman Greg Barclay said, ‘First of all, on behalf of the ICC, I would like to congratulate the IOC, Tokyo 2020 (Tokyo 2020) and the people of Japan, who have put in such a difficult situation. Organized this game. It is great to watch this event and we will be glad that cricket becomes a part of future Olympics.


Barclay said, “Our sport is united in this claim and we see the Olympics as the long-term future of cricket, we have billions of fans all over the world, 90 percent of whom want to see cricket in the Olympics.” It is clear that cricket has a compulsive and passionate fan base, especially in South Asian countries from where 92 percent of our fans come, while America has 30 million viewers, this will be an opportunity for those fans to see their heroes in the Olympics. Watch him win a medal.


Getting into the Olympics is not easy

Barclay said, “We think it would be great to have cricket in the Olympics, but we know that it is not easy to do so because there are many other sports in line for the claim, yet we think the time has come.” It is important that we do our best and show how good a partnership between the Olympics and cricket can be.


These giants will claim

ECB Chairman Ian Wortmore will chair the ICC Olympic Working Group, accompanied by ICC’s Independent Director Indra Nooyi, Zimbabwe Cricket’s Tawengwa Mukuhlani, ICC’s Associate Member Director and Vice President of the Asian Cricket Council Mahinda Vallipuram and US Cricket’s Parag Marathe, who agrees. It is time to claim for the Olympics.