Afghanistan latest news as Taliban forces take Kabul,

Afghanistan latest news as Taliban forces take Kabul,

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Afghanistan’s pain

       “After all, what will happen now in Afghanistan, will the Taliban no longer harm the Afghan citizens, this question is everyone’s, perhaps you too must be asking this question in your mind? Let us understand in detail how much pain the people of Afghanistan are facing.

♦ The Taliban finally captured Afghanistan after 20 years, but Afghanistan would never have thought that the Taliban would return again.
The Taliban gradually occupied the whole of Afghanistan and with it destroyed the homes and families of thousands of people, after all, how sad the people of those families whose homes and country have been lost,

♦ Just imagine, if you come to know that a terrorist has occupied your country, then how bad you will feel and maybe you may have to leave the country and run away, this is the solution for Afghanistan today.

♦ People here say that it is difficult to live in Afghanistan, now we do not want to die from these Taliban terrorists here and everyone is now leaving Afghanistan because of the fear of the Taliban because the condition of Afghanistan has become very bad now.

♦ People are so scared that the airport of Afghanistan is full of people and there is a crowd in the airport like a bus stand, everyone from Afghanistan is now leaving the country,

♦ The President of Afghanistan has left the country and the Taliban has occupied the Rashtrapati Bhavan of Afghanistan and Taliban terrorists are making their base in government bases,
♦ Every Afghan citizen is now asking for help from other country but now no country is openly supporting Afghanistan
America has also left Afghanistan now Because some of the American soldiers have been stolen from Afghanistan and some are leaving and America is calling back all its people.

Why is no country supporting Afghanistan?

          “Every country used to support Afghanistan earlier, now no country is worrying about Afghanistan because now Taliban has slapped the whole world in the face,
And the whole world is silent, earlier countries like America used to say that we will make Afghanistan an independent nation, now the same country is silent,
Ever since ‘Jo Baiden’ has become the new President in America, he has taken some such steps, due to which such condition has happened in Afghanistan today, because according to the orders of Jo Baiden, the American army returned from Afghanistan and since then this condition has been created.                      

After all, why are all Muslim countries silent about Afghanistan?

       “Today, all Muslim countries are silent, all Muslim countries are not ready to talk about Afghanistan, everyone has kept a distance in this matter and no one is supporting Afghanistan and its people.
Now the question arises that in a dispute like Israel and gaza pati , all the Muslim countries come together but today all the Muslim countries are silent about Afghanistan, no one is supporting them today.

♦ When there is an attack on the Muslims of a country, then big countries like Pakistan and Turkey consider themselves to be heroes and at that time they assure to help those people, but today these countries are silent for Afghanistan and support the Taliban from behind. are giving
Today the Muslims of the whole country are silent and neither is thinking anything about the people of Afghanistan.

The Muslim country which is silent about Afghanistan today should think that if tomorrow this day does not come for us,