Best love story 2021 to bring tears to your eyes

Best love story 2021 to bring tears to your eyes

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Best love story 

       ” Hello friends, today I am going to tell you such a love story that tears will not stop in your eyes.
This love story is the best line, my body is near her but my heart is with you

One day I went to another college on behalf of college games, there I saw a girl who I found very beautiful and gentle, she was looking at me again and again and I was looking at her and we both started liking each other. I tried a lot to talk to him at that time but we could not talk to each other,

But some days, I get a friend request in Facebook and when I look at my phone, I can’t believe, The girl whose thoughts were crazy day and night. It was a pleasure for me to get that girlfriend request on Facebook.

And slowly our talks started through Facebook, then one day I and she met, it felt very strange to talk first because I met a girl for the first time, then both of us gradually formed a very good friendship and relation with each other.

We both understood each other’s feelings and used to work together in some things, everything was going well and both of us had even dreamed of spending life with each other, everything was going well.

Then one day she comes to meet me sad and says that my family has fixed my marriage and that boy is from a rich family and she says crying that you come to my house and we both talked about marriage taxes and you don’t come then I will die and she leaves from there saying so then
I go to that girl’s house the next day but then the girl’s family members leave her house without seeing me and tell me that next again Never try to meet that girl because I did not like that girl’s family because I was a poor boy,

The girl’s family members had switched off her phone because she could not talk to me, due to which we did not talk for almost ten days, but whenever she got someone’s phone during the day, she would definitely send me a message.

Then one day she and I met for some reason, we didn’t talk about anything that day, we both were crying that day that girl said one thing to me, Whether my body is with her or not, but my heart will always be with you, He left from there saying this

And the next day she was married and I did not want to see her marriage, so I left that place and went very far, I did not tell anyone that I am going because I wanted to forget that girl, then slowly time passed. The girl was getting away from her dead mind,

And then one day when I went home after 4 years from my watch, all of a sudden I hear the sound of a lift when I stop my watch, I see a girl and there are two small children with her.

And she is asking me for a lift when I see that girl from the front, she is the same girl whom I love and when that girl comes in front of me and recognizes me and knows my condition from me and we do something Sitting in a park for a long time and talking and knowing about each other, then that girl tells me one thing, even if I have my body, but my heart is with you, she leaves from there saying so much,

Friends, you may have liked this love story, or not, but remember that true love is from the heart and not from the body.
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