google indexing, Submitted url has crawl issue

google indexing, Submitted url has crawl issue

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Google indexing

Hello friends, your blog or content post is not submitted url has crawl issue, are you troubled by the google Consol indexing, the problem then friends today we are going to tell you some google indexing tricks,
So that your blog posts can be indexed quickly,

If you are a blogger or from the blogging field, then you must have always noticed one thing that any of your blog posts get indexed quickly in Google but some blog posts are not indexed,

Friends, we have told you about the problem and solution below.

“If your blog post is facing a problem in google indexing, then you firstly open the theme HTML coding and check whether your website is indexed in google console or not.

If your website blog is not getting indexed in google then you check your sitemap and see if that page is added in sitemap or not, if there is no advertisement then you add that page to sitemap,

If your website is indexed in google console and your blog post is facing a google indexing, problem, and follow this stop ——–

If your website does not have a blog post index, then, first of all, change the links of other Outbound websites that you have added to your blog,

• Check Dofollow and Nofollow links in blog posts, have you listed a link to the wrong website, which is preventing your blog post from being indexed in Google,

• Insert right type of Outbound Dofollow links in your website blog which is user friendly and helps in Google indexing,

• Never add the wrong type of image or copy-paste image to your blog post.
• Some images prevent blog posts from being indexed in Google,

• Do not use high-quality images as they use more CSS and javascript, which prevents indexing of blog posts,

• If your blog post is not indexed once in Google Console Indexing, then do not index repeatedly in Google Console,

• Due to frequent Google indexing, there is a problem with website load speed and indexing due to frequent crawling of Google bots,

• Be sure to check your website’s robots.txt file.

• If it takes time for your blog post to be indexed in Google Console, you should index it in Google Console every time so that Google’s bots have a certain amount of time to crawl your post and your blog post quickly. get indexed from,

• Share your blog post in as many social as possible, which brings traffic to your website, indexing is quick in Google,

• Many times Google does not understand the handwriting of our blog post properly, this also Google does not index that page,

• If a website has more than one post of the same type and one of them has not been given its canonical tag, Google itself considers one of those posts to be canonical and indexes the rest. does not index positions

• Many times our hosting site gets down frequently, due to which 5XX problems occur in our website’s server, due to which google indexing, is not detected,

• Make your blog the best user friendly and so that Google bots can come in the right time and crawl your posts and indexing can be done quickly,

• Do not download more plugins in WordPress because some plugins prevent blog posts from being indexed,

•  Don’t download more plugins in WordPress because some plugins block blog posts from being indexed, causing no indexing in google console, there is a Submitted url has crawl issue,

• Google should not have any difficulty in crawling the page of your website.
• Your post should be of high quality so that the user does not have any problem
• Your page should have proper internal linking and high-quality outbound links,