Google tricks, Top 10 google tricks,

Google tricks, Top 10 google tricks,

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Google tricks,

“Hello friends, today we are going to tell you the top 10 google tricks, these tricks will be very useful for you and you can do your work easily with these Google tricks,
In today’s time, everyone searches information about something or the other in Google and wants stick results, but many times when we search anything in Google, we see its different results,
You can use the top 10 google tricks,

#1 download full movies google tricks.

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If you are downloading a new movie, and you can not find the right website,
use these tricks
a. First of all, open Google Chrome on your computer or mobile and search,
b. Whatever movie you want to download, type the name of that movie, after that you have to search by typing google drive.
c. After that, all the movies in Google Drive will be related to your search or any uploaded. It will be visible to you and you can download the full movie.


  • The avengers google drive


#2 How to Find your lost phone by google,

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If your phone is lost, then you can easily track the location on your phone through this trick,  This is the best Google trick,

a. First of all, open Google Chrome on your computer or mobile, in that email you had registered in your lost phone with the same email. id has to be login into any other device,
And you have to search in google chrome,
b. And you have to search in Google Chrome, find your devices, and open the first option that will result.
c. After opening, you can know the location of your lost phone and delete all the data on the phone,

#3. Online play games Pc Google tricks

If you are a lover of the game or you want to play without being downloaded for port time, then these tricks are the best for you, best Google tricks,
a. For this, you open your google chrome
b. You have to search, (PAC-MAN Doodle gam) and from here you can play online games for free without downloading in pc,

#4. Animal Sounds.

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If you want to hear the sound of any animal, then you can listen by searching in Google tricks,
a. First of all open google
And type any animal name and back sound (Animal sound)
listen, google search (Dog Sound) (Line Sound)
b. You can hear the sound of any animal in Google,

#5. Keyword Research Google tricks

a.If you are a blogger or a YouTuber then you need Keyword to do SEO, you can easily find Keyword for your blog with the help of Google search engine,

b. When you search any keyword, you will see a keyword similar to that keyword in the search bar below,

#6. Google in 1998.

If you want to see how Google used to look when it was lunch in 1998,
You first open Google and type in (Google in 1998) You will get to see how Google used to look in 1998,

#7. Currency Rates Comparison 

If you want to get information about Currency Rates Comparison, or want to know how much up or comparison the currency of any two countries,

First of all type in google search,
By typing the name of the currency of those two countries and Comparison from the back, you will get two results.

#8. Calculate

If you want to use google calculator then you have to type google calculator in google search and you can easily calculate any calculation,

#9. Elgoog

Screenshot 54

You can reverse google page, you can add some effect it, to reverse google page and affect it, you have to search Elgoog in google search,
And the search and google page will be reversed, and best google tricks,

#10. Google Logo History.

If you want to see all the old logos of Google, then you have to first search Google Logo History in Google and you will get to see all the old logos of Google,