healthy lifestyle facts and top health facts

healthy lifestyle facts and top health facts

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Hello friends, today we tell you about the best health facts and about the best healthy lifestyle facts.

1 . When we sleep well, our body releases gland hormones in the morning. Due to which our penis becomes active and one of the reasons for the tension in the penis in the morning is that during that time the testosterone hormones in our body are increased,

2 . By always sleeping with the light off at night, melatonin hormone is released, due to which we get deep sleep and get rest,

3 . If you have a high Bp problem then your sprouted moong is very beneficial for you, you eat it every morning and evening and it can help your Bp problem a lot.

4. Consuming beetroot on an empty stomach in the morning helps to increase the amount of hemoglobin in the body and gives a glow to the face.

5 . If your mouth smells, then squeeze a cup of rose water and a lemon in it and mix both of them well and rinse it every morning and evening and due to this remedy the smell of your mouth will go away and gums And the teeth will be strong,

6. Tulsi works to bring coolness to the stomach, people who have problems with burning in the stomach can take Tulsi’s middle, and it is very beneficial,

7 . Applying the banana peel on the face daily removes stains and ends in pimples and you can use it every morning in the evening.

 8 . The sound of a cut from the bones means that there is a lack of lubricant in it, so it is very important to give enough calcium to the body, for this, eat plenty of milk, curd, cheese, etc.,

9. If your mind is getting heavy due to some reason then eat chocolate immediately, if there is no chocolate then eat something sweet, you will feel relaxed immediately do you like chocolate

10. If you do stretching every day and take good food then your height can increase even after 25

11. Do not wash the face with soap at all, if your face wash is over, then you can use gram flour instead of any chemical substance,

12. Brat is made of maida, in such a way that by eating it daily, it sticks in the intestines and it can also affect the digestive system,

13. By doing 20 push-ups daily, the strength of the upper body increases, it comes in body shape and stamina also increases,

14 . To thicken the gravy of the vegetable, mix some cornflour in water and drink it, this will make the gravy thick.

15 . Never eat non-veg with milk

 16 . Eating tomatoes keeps the brain healthy by removing irritability and mental weakness, as well as the weakness of teeth and bones, is also removed.