Instagram monetization, New Instagram update,

Instagram monetization, New Instagram update,

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Instagram monetization & new Update

Hello friends do you know that Instagram is now coming with a new Instagram update, which is different,

In today’s time, the competition in the company of social media has increased so much that if you do not talk then it will be right.

Talking about Instagram, today, Instagram is becoming very popular in today’s time, Instagram was launched in the market on 6 October 2010, and as Facebook bought in 2012,

new Instagram update brings to attract its users.

An update has come from Instagram, in which he has said that he is going to bring some new features to Instagram,

  1. Full video feature option
  2. Short and full video monetization
  3. Instagram shopping options
  4. IGTV save option

Instagram’s C.E.O says that Instagram is going to bring some new feature options, which will make Instagram users more attractive,


Full video feature option

Full video feature option in Instagram, you can watch a full video like youtube and put a full video in Instagram like youtube, and now you can put any full video in Instagram,

By the way, you can also put a full video in Instagram or full video in IGTV, it takes more time to upload video in IGTV, but the update of Instagram has come that it is going to bring a good feature in Instagram for full video, The work which will be uploaded in time,

And in which the user will find the shot and full video very attractive, and the user will spend more time in Instagram,


Short and full video monetization


If you make full and shot videos in Instagram, then now your Instagram account will be monetized, which will be like YouTube and you will get to see ads in Instagram,

In which you can earn good money from Instagram monetization, you need to have 10k followers in your Instagram account, and you should have a good reach,

If your  Instagram monetization, then you will get to see ads in your video and you can earn money like YouTube,
Instagram is competing with YouTube


Instagram shopping options,

New Instagram update, is going to bring another new feature which is different, Instagram is going to have a shopping feature like Amazon, in which any user can now shopping from Instagram,

Because there are many ads running in Instagram, like clothes, smartphones, books, beauty creams, company products, etc., that’s why Instagram is bringing shopping feature option,
Now if you like something on Instagram, you can buy it,

What is the need to bring so many options,

If you are thinking that what is the need of bringing so many options on Instagram, then understand in the easy language then social media competition.

Today YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok, etc. Companies are competing with each other to come to the top, so all these companies are bringing new features to attract the users,

Instagram, says that they will now bring good features for short and full videos so that users can spend more time on their Instagram,
But Instagram has not yet given any update for the photo share option, which is quite a different matter,

New Instagram update, brings every year,

When Instagram was launched in the market, it was only you photo sharing but with the passage of time updates are now becoming popular in Instagram,
The thing for which Instagram was made, today that feature is hidden in Instagram,

In today’s time, everyone has been more make short videos in Instagram, in which many options keep updating to make a shot video in Instagram,


Many people have become very famous in Instagram by making short videos, which have flowers in a million,

If everyone would like to make short and full videos due to the  Instagram monetization, and due to which the popularity of photo-sharing feature will work,

There is a matter of concern for any user who posts only photos in Instagram,
Agra If you only post photos, then now you start making sort and full videos because in today’s time Instagram is becoming more popular,