What is Taliban Sharia Law and why are people afraid?

What is Taliban Sharia Law and why are people afraid?

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Sharia Law

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 Sharia law is a different type of law made in the Islam religion, which is applicable in many countries and not in anyone.
So let us know about the Sharia law of the Taliban and why people call it art law?

 For the followers of Islam, Sharia plays the role of law in the form of ways, rules, and regulations of living in Islamic society, the whole Islamic society runs according to this Sharia law or Sharia law, But the Taliban has always been misusing it, so the people of Afghanistan are afraid of this law.

Taliban Sharia Law

 Most of the crimes are committed in women under the Taliban Sharia Law, in which 14-40 years old girls are more harassed under this law.

 According to this law of, women should always be in a burqa and the whole body should be wrapped with cloth,
 Under this law, any woman are prohibited from going out of the house or going anywhere with non-men and if any woman opposes this law, then she is punished with a painful punishment.

 Under this law, if any person commits a wrongful act, such as theft, quarrel, or murder, under this law, the person is punished for slitting the throat at the crossroads.

In this law, justice is done on the basis of Sharia law, and under this law, a girl cannot roam alone like a free girl.

 Under Sharia law, there is no age to marry a girl, any cleric can marry any minor girl. Often such news keeps coming from Pakistan and the Taliban.

 A strange thing in this law is that a guilty person can prove himself innocent by swearing by the Quran and whether he has done wrong or not.

The same law is followed in the Taliban, who are now going to implement this law to capture the whole of Afghanistan, due to the fear of this Sharia law, many people have fled from Afghanistan.

Under this law of the Taliban, girls are considered to go to school or hang out with a boy, and most of all women are more worried about the Shiriyah law.

What is the harshest punishment of sharia law?

Sharia law divides crimes into two categories.

In this the first ‘extent‘ offense is,
Which is a serious offense and punishable it.
Theft offenses include theft. In doing so, the hands of the offender are cut off. At the same time, there are harsh punishments for sexual offenses, which include the death penalty by stoning.

The second ‘tazir’ is a crime,
Where the decision to impose punishment is left to the discretion of the judge