what is 5G technology and How does 5G work

what is 5G technology and How does 5G work

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5G technology

Friends, do you know what is 5g technology, or whether 5G will change our life or not?

In today’s time technology has advanced so much that every digital work has become easy. To make our work easier, scientists are looking for new technology, due to which we are moving ahead in the world of digital.

what is 5G technology,

South Korea is the first country to launch 5G in the world.

     What is 5G technology,  5G is a new technology and the fifth generation of mobile networks, This is the fifth-generation wireless or the latest cellular new technology.

At present, 5G technology, is very important to increase technology, because every work is now being done in digital and internet way, company, automobile sector, medical education, government all work, office work, etc.,

5G technology, has been invented to give a new speed to all this work, which depends on our networking area.

This technology will be an example of a complete radio (spectrum) so that many devices can be connected to the Internet at the same time.

With this technology, your data speed will reach 100GB per second,

It is believed that in the future there will be no limit of speed and connectivity in this wireless technology and this technology will save energy,

5G, is the next generation of mobile Internet connectivity that will provide much faster Internet access to electronic devices, developed to accelerate the speed and digital field of wireless networks,

By which large data can be imported and uploaded, the speed of 5g will be much more than 4g, At present, 4G speed is up to 1Gbps. And 5G speed can be up to 20 Gbps,

According to the scientist, the data transaction work of 5G will increase 20 times faster than 4G, and the speed of the 5G network, will be up to 20 GB in 1 second.

In 5G network, the entire movie will be downloaded in 5 to 6 seconds,

How does 5G work

5G mobile network diagram

How does 5G work, To transmit 5G, wireless signals, 5G will work on the millimeter-wave spectrum, whose frequency is 30 GHz up to300 GHz i.e. it is a very high-frequency radio wave,

This will be used for the first time in the world, because the faster the frequency of the wave, the more the capacity to transfer data in it is more and faster.

But its range i.e. their physical range is very less, that is, they are not able to spread very far, that is why another upgrade is being done to strengthen 5G, in which a small cell tower will be installed at 200m -300m which will increase the range of this millimeter-wave but at the same time when the network becomes so good then obviously the users will also become very much,

Therefore, to reduce network congestion, multiple input multiple output antennas will be installed in the towers, which can be more than 100 in number.

Internet history

  • 1GB technology came in 1980, it was the first generation,

Its speed limit used to work at 2.4 kbps.

  • 2G technology that came in 1991,

Its speed was 64 kbps.

  • 3G technology came in 2000,

Its speed from 2 Mbps

  •  4G technology in 2011,

100 Mbps i.e. 1 Gbps

  •  5G Just launched in some countries in 2020

Speed ​​- 20Gbps

Advantages of 5G, Changed our Life Style,

We will get to learn a lot from the 5G technology, first of all, with the help of the 5G network we can download video pictures,

profiles in high-quality HD, that in minimum working time,

Picture video profile in social media will speed up uploading or importing any data, it will take less time,

With the arrival of 5G, there will be a lot of speed in the company, electronic sector, education, banking, new development, transportation system,

With the arrival of 5G technology, you can control many things at your home from your phone or your device like Freeze, TV, AC, Home Lok, you can control them very fast, easy,

With the technology of 5G, you can connect your car to your phone automatically, so that your car will run automatically,

After 5G technology, you can do things like an online interview, online discussion, project information from an online video call

With the help of 5G, the development will accelerate in fields such as the medical sector, the education sector, the automobile sector, the technology sector,

With this technique, natural disaster tsunami earthquakes will be detected in advance.

5G will develop new software and new coding language in the computer sector,

There will be a lot of development in the space sector, whether it is satellite or to find out about planets,

It will be easier for doctors in medical treatment or in surgery or operation,

Any work done online through the internet will be done very easily.

It will be easy for companies to do their marketing or launch the product so that it can reach more and more people in less time,

 To make everything easier, with the help of the internet, it will be done digitally

The new development will be seen in the agriculture sector,

You will get to see better Download and Upload Speed,

It will be very easy in the military area to find out about the location of an enemy ship,

• devices like smartphones and computers with new futures will come into the market.