What is affiliate marketing, start affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing, start affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing

  “Do you know about What is  Affiliate Marketing?  Do you want how to start Affiliate Marketing, Do you want to earn money sitting at home by doing Affiliate Marketing?, So friends, today we give you complete information about Affiliate Marketing,

‘In today’s time, every work is being done digitally, our technology has reached so far that we are doing online work and shopping, education, sell company products, sitting at home,

‘In today’s time everyone can earn money with the help of the internet sitting at home, technology has changed so much that in today’s time people do not go out shopping but use websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Mitra, etc,
Because everything is being sold online, whether it is food items, electronic goods or clothes or vehicles, everything,


What is affiliate marketing?

    What is Affiliate marketing, is such a way to earn money sitting at home, in which any person promotes or markets another company’s product on a blog website, social media platform, and in return that company pays that person some commission on every purchase or give money,

According to the product, you get a commission, the more expensive the product, the more commission you are given by the company,

Many companies run affiliate programs because they can reach their product to as many people as possible, and for this, the company pays commission to the person who recommends their product in their blog website or social media, thereby promoting the company and its product. The person doing the marketing benefits both,

Affiliate marketing is very easy to work with because it can make money for every person who does business online, especially for those bloggers whose block or YouTube channel is not approved by Google AdSense,


How to start affiliate marketing?

“How to start affiliate marketing, any person has to join the affiliate program of any company, There are many affiliate marketing companies that run affiliate marketing that runs affiliate marketing plans through the Internet,


Flipkart Affiliate.Amazon Affiliate.
HostGator Affiliate.
Nearbuy Affiliate.

(1.) :  These companies give good commission to their affiliate for promoting their product,

(2.) :  Affiliate is called those who promote the product by joining an affiliate marketing program and sharing a link on a social networking site, website block, social media platform,

(3.):   If you want to join any Affiliate Marketing Program then you can go to any company website and submit your document there in which you will get verification by e-mail, and later you are provided with a product link. you can share on your website or blog social media,

(4)  When a person joins Affiliate Marketing, the company running the affiliate marketing program provides him with a graphical poster and product link, and that product link or graphical poster is sent to the person in different social sites, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website, blog, YouTube, etc are shared,

(5):  When a user visits the website or blog, if he buys the product of that company by clicking on the link and poster, then it makes a profit to the company and the company pays some percent commission to the person who bought that company’s product is promoted,

(7) The more traffic you have on your website or blog or Facebook page Instagram page, the more you will get the benefit,

(8):  If you have a YouTube channel and it is not AdSense approved,

(9):   So you can do affiliate marketing, in this, you can promote affiliate marketing products by making information videos about the product on YouTube and seeing their gender in the description below,

  • If you do not have a YouTube channel and website, then you can go to social media.

(10): How can start affiliate marketing, Here you have to share the link in social media, all the sites of social media like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.


Can we use Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense together?

 The answer is yes,

“If you have a YouTube channel or blog website and it is AdSense approval, then you can do affiliate marketing, together, you will not have any problem in this, you can earn money from both places,

‘You can do affiliate marketing by writing content about the product on your website and giving a link to it.

Always remember the important thing

‘Most of the companies use bank transfer Pay-pal to get paid through the affiliate program,

‘You do not have to make any payment to join any affiliate program, if any company is asking you for money to join their affiliate program, then that company is a fraud, never join such a company.


How much money can be made in affiliate marketing


(a) : How Much Money You Can Earn in affiliate Marketing Monthly On 10k,  50k the more you share the product link and buy it by Longo, the more you will profit,

(b) : Earning money in affiliate marketing depends on how many people you are connected to, the more people you stay connected to, the more you will profit,
Affiliate marketing is very important because with this you can earn money sitting at home.


Why should you do Affiliate Marketing?

“If you are a YouTuber or blogger then you can do affiliate marketing, you will get very good money in it because you will have an already available audience,

‘If you are a college student or you are a school student or you do not do any job then you must do affiliate market,
If you want to move ahead in the business field in the future, then affiliate marketing is the best for you.

‘You do not have to work hard in affiliate marketing, you have to give yourself only a few hours, from which you can earn a lot of money.