What is blue tick emoji, How to get verified account,

What is blue tick emoji, How to get verified account,

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Verified blue tick emoji,

‘Friends, do you know about the verified blue tick emoji, on social media, or you want to add the verified emoji to your account on your social account, then lets friends today, we tell you about this thing,

‘In social media Twitter, Facebook Linkedin, Snapchat, Youtube. Instagram etc. You must have seen many verified accounts in which the blue icon is ticked, and the user with the verified blue tick emoji account has a different identity on social media,

What is Social verified blue tick emoji,

“Social media verification is a blue tick emoji, that is seen after the username of some person in the social media platform,

‘This icon is mostly seen in Celebrities Politician Businessman Personal Account,

‘From this icon, we get to know that this account is the personal account of a person like Celebrities, Politician Businessman,


” When we search for Cristiano Ronaldo’s account on Instagram. So many accounts in the name of Cristiano Ronaldo are seen in the search bar. Which are fake, but the identity of Cristiano Ronaldo’s real and personal account with a blue tick mark behind it

That is why blue tick accounts on social platforms are the identity of people like big people and celebrities,

The early history of the blue tick emoji,

“It was started to give an identity to the big people in the social media platform, which i

includes celebrities like celebrities, businessmen, journalism, media, and politics business,

blue tick start time–

  • Introduced by Twitter in June 2009,
  • By Google Plus in 2011
  • By Facebook in 2012
  • By Instagram in 2014
  • By Pinterest. com in 2015


How to get verification tick emoji in the social platform,

Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Twitch, Linked In, Pinterest, Tinder, and Telegram, etc. Like in social media,

if you want to take the blue icon emoji in your account, then you should have a lot of followers and the content you post should be good and people like it and people should be interested in your post, And you should have a good identity in social media,

example —

  • YouTube ——- 100k,

  • Facebook —- 10k & Active Best Content Picture Video,

  • Instagram —- 10k – 1M Best Content & Information & Picture Video,

  • Twitter——- 10k Best Active Posts and Information,

  • Pinterest –— best post picture,

  • LinkedIn——— Best Active Post Business,


‘If you have a lot of followers and more people like your posts on social media, and you have a good reach in social media then you can apply for verified emoji,

You have to fill a form while applying, submit it after filling, after submitting you can get the icon in 24 hours or a week,


Things to keep in mind to verify the account,

  1. There should not be any wrong post in your account,
  2. Username should not be copyrighted like anyone else,
  3. more and more people like your post,
  4. Should not copyright anyone’s video audio post,
  5. Your followers should not be faked,
  6. There should not be any strike on your social media account,
  7. Everyone liked your post video picture,


Do get money in a verified account?

The answer is yes and no if you are launching a company’s product then you will get money otherwise no,

When big companies launch products, they bring their products to the people.

They take the help of social platforms to show, and contact the people with verification emoji,

The company pays money to the user with the verification emoji, account to get its product sponsored,

That’s why the person who has a verification blue tick account gets money for posting the company’s product sponsored in his social account.


As you know, Cristiano Ronaldo has the highest number of 296M followers on Instagram,

And Ronaldo charges around 69 million for each sponsored post on Instagram,

What type of account verification is available?

Social Media Verification You get it on any of your accounts, whether you have an account, Celebrities Politics, Journalism, Media, and Politics, Business related to Businessman Personal Fields.

Remember that you have multiple accounts from different fields so they will not be verified with the same document, they will require different documents.

Only one account is verified by a document, Facebook Instagram Twitter, etc. on any platform.

Verification Blue Tick Icons On Important

In today’s time, the blue tick icon is very important to identify a big person on social media platforms because if any big person will not have a blue tick emoji, in their account then some people will do fraud by making fake IDE in their name.

In social media, the people of the account with the blue tick emoji, have a good reach. And recognition is good. Respect is good. Which makes people believe in them.