what is digital marketing strategy and types of digital marketing

what is digital marketing strategy and types of digital marketing

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Digital marketing

“Hello friends, do you know digital marketing, if not then today we explain to you what is digital marketing, and Types of digital marketing, why its requirement is high in the present time, and the advantages of online digital marketing,

what is digital marketing strategy

    what is digital marketing strategy, When advertising or marketing of a company is done through the internet, computer, mobile phone, laptop, website, or any social applications and electronic device, it is called digital marketing.


Digital marketing is the response of promoting your business or company’s product with the help of the Internet to your goods and services through digital means.

When the company launches a new product, the company’s target is to reach its target customer through social media and social sites with the help of the internet in the shortest possible time, which we call online marketing or what is digital marketing strategy,

As time progresses and platforms such as the Internet, and social media, and social sites are rapidly making their way, and our lives are becoming digital,

Today any work has started going all-digital, office work job, product campaign, ordering food online, Online Pay & Receive money, online order product, online registration, online company product promotion, shopping online, online ticket booking, online education, etc., Digital work is progressing very fast in the world of internet,


Digital marketing is important

“Digital marketing is important, and simple medium to reach your customers through digital technology,

In today’s time, digital marketing is the best platform for any field, here we can easily do a lot of work and say,

People spend most of their time on social media or social sites, and by targeting these people, the company does its product promotion with the help of the internet,

With the help of digital marketing, the company is fully aware of where our product was seen and by how many people, all this data is available with the company,

‘ The Largest platform of digital marketing


Google, Facebook, youtube, Instagram, Twitter, email, search engine, etc,

With the help of digital marketing, the company helps to reach the product to many people in a short time.

Earlier it was time for people to go to the market to like and buy the goods, now they can do the shopping of their choice at home with the help of the internet, gradually we are moving towards the digital world, all this work is digital. Regularly happening,


types of digital marketing

types of digital marketing, Different Social Site Networks –


“Blogging is the best way to do online digital marketing, in blogging we can write about our company and by writing about our company’s services and product promotion and company’s update information we can write a lot through search engines can reach all people,


“SEO is such a technical medium, in which the website has to be ranked on the first page and top list on the search engine, according to the guideline of the search engine, the website has to be SEO in which, we have to add top ranking keyword related meta tags, etc.,

By doing SEO, more and more people will visit the website and more and more traffic will come, due to which users will get more knowledge about the brand and product of a company,

Social media marketing

“SEO of any website is not an easy task, it takes a lot of time because it has to bring the search engine website to the top list, In today’s time, people spend a lot of time on social media, and work social media marketing,


 ‘Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, we get to see a lot of advertisements in these, because 60% of the daily people are active in social media,

Social media platform from which producers have to deliver their products directly to the people, and people can also express their reaction in that products,

Through social media, the producer of the company gets the news as soon as possible that what is lacking in their product, and how many people are liking it,


Email Marketing

   “Email Marketing is the oldest digital marketing platform, in which the information for its products is delivered by any company through e-mail, it is called e-mail marketing.

‘In email marketing, the company emails its product information to the customers with the help of the Internet.


YouTube Channel

“The YouTube platform is a big platform, where the company pays YouTube to show its ads, and YouTube shows 6-10 seconds between their advertising videos,

YouTube marketing has a lot of active users,

In YouTube marketing, the producer conveys the information of his product to the people through video,


Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, we place an advertisement of any company’s product on our website or its link on our website, so that people click on that link to buy or see, in this, the company pays us to show advertisements,

‘Update market can also be done sitting from your home and you can earn very good money, you have to share the link of the company’s product, and whatever users buy from that link, the company will give you back some percentage of the money.

what is the affiliate marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC Marketing

 “Pay Per Click Advertising, In this, the company has to pay to advertise its product in other search engines or platforms like Google AdSense, it is a paid process.

(a)  Google AdSense, is a paid process.

(b)   User visits the Google search engine. So he gets to see Ad accounts 2-4 websites in the top bar on the first page,

 (c) All of them invest money in Google AdSense to promote their company’s product and to bring more and more traffic to the website. And in this advertising, when the user clicks, the money of that company is deducted, which is called (pay per click advertising),


Apps Marketing

“Apps marketing is the process of conveying information about your product to other people with the help of apps on the Internet and promoting your product on that app.

This is a good platform in digital marketing,

Because big companies are reaching people by making their own app and giving information about their product. Apps In digital marketing, apps are made to reach their customers, and information is given to the target customer.


benefits of digital marketing

benefits of digital marketing, and what are the benefits

  • The company can be reached to its customers in less time,
  • Information can be taken by the company from its customers about the product whether the product is right or wrong,
  • We can easily do any work done through the internet.
  • Social media can reach more and more people in less time through social sites and other networking sites,
  • Target your customers what they need,
  • simple and convenient,
  • Benefits of digital marketing a Good Field for New Companies,